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My Apartment is a Mess

Posted in Uncategorized by mylifesamess on 12/26/2009

My apartment is a mess:

This is the living room, which is the least messy room of the apartment.

My boyfriend and I are slobs.  He doesn’t seem to mind, but it really bugs me.  About six months ago I had this schedule of chores all worked out and I was doing a pretty good job.  Cleaning all the dishes in the sink every other day, changing out the bath towels once a week, vacuuming twice a week, dusting every now and again.  Then we tried to move.  We moved our entire apartment twice in less than a week.  I was traumatized.

Our second move was to return to the apartment from which we moved the first time.  The following week, I began taking accounting classes at night.  We got about halfway unpacked before I was caught up in long work days and three hour night classes.  We gradually got everything out of the boxes, but a lot never really got put away.  My schedule of chores fell by the wayside.

I finished my first semester of night classes last week with a 4.0, which pleased me greatly.  The by-product, however, is the mess you see pictured above.

It’s actually better than it was.  I finally delivered three boxes of books and several large trash bags of old clothing to the library and Goodwill, respectively.  But my quest to reduce and recycle the amount of shit in my life is far from done.  Won’t you join me on my journey?

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