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Fear of Nesting

Posted in Uncategorized by mylifesamess on 12/27/2009

I’ve lately developed a fear of nesting, almost certainly caused by my traumatic moving experiences over the summer.  This fear is exacerbated by a fairly severe anxiety disorder.  This blog is my way of attempting to :

– deal with my anxiety through journaling, which seems to help

– motivate myself to get my life together to help alleviate some of this anxiety

– prepare for our next move, which will probably be in less than a year

I’m not going for a Real Simple style home makeover.  I’m concerned with quantity, not aesthetics.

Speaking of Real Simple, here’s what I crossed off my to-do list this weekend:

I went through all my magazines and tore out articles that interested me.  I ended up with a stack of sheets about half as thick as one of these magazines.  The stack above is now cleared for the recycling bin.

This is an armful of stuff that I will not have to pack up come moving time.

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