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Spring List Making

Posted in Uncategorized by mylifesamess on 03/22/2010

Night classes continue.  While community colleges are cheaper and offer more flexible scheduling, I’ve encountered a major drawback in that my instructors this semester seem to treat their courses as afterthoughts.  This is an incredibly busy season for accountants, of course, so I suppose it’s to be expected, but I’m disappointed and pretty irritated.  The upside to receiving sub par instruction is that I receive sub par amounts of homework, which has left me some time and energy this evening to devote to cleaning, uncluttering, and blogging, so I will keep the complaining to a minimum.

I used to make a long term to do list.  Today, I crossed off two items on my list:

– pack up winter clothes and clean out drawers

– clean clutter on top of dryer

There are still copious amounts of clutter on top of the dryer, mainly Tom’s current rotation of clothing which he appears to be actually storing on the dryer, but my neglected items have been taken care of.  I bought some new cardigans / button ups today, and decided that I needed to empty out my wardrobe by at least as much as I was putting into it.  I put my sweaters, my woolen skirts, and the sentimental pieces I don’t wear but can’t quite part with into storage and brought out my stored summer clothing.  I ended up taking about three times the amount of clothing out as I put in, which will be delivered to Goodwill tomorrow.

My sense of accomplishment was diminished by the realization of the seemingly never ending tasks to simplify my life and my home which lay ahead.  My impatient nature, however, is giving way to satisfaction in taking those many small steps towards the big picture.

Rule of the Day: Minimize amounts of clothing by deducting old clothes when adding new.


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