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Developing a Cleaning Schedule with Remember the Milk

Posted in Uncategorized by mylifesamess on 02/07/2011

Remember the Milk allows you to maintain an online to-do list. It’s extremely easy to make entries, set deadlines, set up a repeating schedule, or postpone tasks. While planning a large company project with multiple deadlines over the holidays, I relied on RTM heavily to help me keep a time line and prioritize my work. After the holidays, I think I got burnt out on to-do lists and organization, and I ended up neglecting my RTM account for several weeks.

RTM’s main function in my life has been to help me develop a consistent cleaning schedule. I had to take time to figure out what I needed to do to keep my home in good condition and how often I had to do it. For me, “good condition” isn’t spotless, or even really that tidy, but being able to take proper care of the property I own and rent.

Here’s what needs to be done every day to achieve that goal :
– wash all the dishes in the sink
– make sure pets have food / fresh water
– scoop litter box
– sort mail

I vacuum a small section of the apartment every two days, and dust a couple pieces of furniture every three days. I find this a much more palatable solution than doing it all at once every week or so.

I do my laundry, clean the bedroom, clean the kitchen, and take care of any houseplant maintenance once a week, but not all on the same day. The bathroom and kitchen floor are cleaned every ten days. Bedding is washed every two weeks. The couch cover is washed every month, and so on.

I try to make sure that large projects don’t fall on the same day. I also try to break individual tasks that take longer than 20 minutes a piece down into smaller, shorter cleaning tasks that can be regularly rotated.

It might seem silly to some that I had to put so much effort into figuring this all out. My mom was, and is, quite tidy, and always has an impeccably clean house, so it’s not as if I wasn’t raised right. Maybe neglecting housework is a generational thing…the majority of my friends who are my age aren’t really tidy. But, I know that I sleep better at night when I’ve clicked everything off my list.

I had almost three hundred neglected cleaning items that had built up over the month of January in RTM when I finally opened it again last night. I deleted them all and started fresh. It’s a good feeling.


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