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Rainy Day Tea

Posted in tea by mylifesamess on 03/06/2011

It’s a rainy Sunday and I’m getting sick, but in a strange way.  On Friday night, I felt the lymph nodes around my throat start swelling.  The swelling had gone down by Saturday evening, but I awoke Sunday with a raw throat and pressure in my sinuses.  Having a sickness come on so gradually is unusual, at least for me.  Perhaps its progress was slowed by my preemptive nap attack on Saturday.  I think my rainy day tea consumption may also be playing a factor in the easing of my symptoms.

My sore throat was brought on by a continuous mucus drip throughout the night.  I recalled that my friend, on advice from her vocal instructor, had used lemon juice to get rid of chronic mucus problem in her throat.  Though it was effective, this technique is somewhat controversial amongst vocalists, and I do not recommend it.  In this situation, however, it seemed a good solution.  I squeezed about a quarter of a lemon into a mug with hot water and some Teekanne Lemon Twist (Steffi Graf endorsed!).  I repeated again a couple hours later, and found that while it helped the mucus, my throat was raw and dried out from the hot beverage and acidic lemon.  I switched over to some ridiculously aromatic loose leaf tea I bought last weekend at tea store in Kennett Square, PA.

It’s called Winter White, and it contains : Pai Mu Tan (90%) plus cinnamon rods, flavoring, and freeze dried apples.

There’s something about tea, especially good tea, that’s very zen-like and comforting.  I’m on my fifth cup of the day.   I wouldn’t go so far as to say that anything in the actual tea leaves is helping, but I really think that the hydration, warmth, and general calming nature of an aromatic, hot beverage have all eased my symptoms.

If you’ve never been to a tea shop, I strongly recommend going to one. Just taking in the smell itself is therapeutic.  You can find a pretty good list of tea rooms across the United States here.

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