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Using Circle Clips to Keep Plant Tags (and flahscards) Organized

Posted in efficiency, gardening, Organization by mylifesamess on 04/22/2011

My middle school teachers were big on organization.  At the time, I thought they were just pushing their OCD onto their students, but I now realize that the basic organizational skills that they were teaching us were actually important.

My French teacher required us to make vocabulary flashcards.  In order to prevent our flashcards from littering the bottom of our backpacks like mulch in the bottom of a pot, she, rather ingeniously, had us use a single hole punch and a circle clip to keep our cards organized.  The genius of this method was that the cards didn’t have to be removed from the clip to be used for study; they could just be slid along the circle clip like keys on a key ring.

Skip ahead 15 years, and I’m doing some Spring planting on my porch.  I never know what to do with the little tags that come with each plant when I purchase it.  I thought about throwing them all in a little pencil box, but then I remembered the flashcards.

Obviously, make sure you don’t chop off / punch through any info on the card you’d like to keep intact. I imagine this would also work for seed packets.  You can just toss them in with your gardening supplies and quickly pull them out when you need to reference them.

Merci, Madame Nickles.


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