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Friday Food Reflections

Posted in Uncategorized by mylifesamess on 06/18/2011

I tend to go through phases in my life.  I may go for a couple months during which I’m motivated to really keep our apartment tidy and organized, and then I’ll experience another couple months where, while I still want a tidy and organized apartment, I just can’t be bothered to do anything about it.  I also have phases when it comes to cooking and food.  Cooking yourself good, healthy meals takes time and thought.  Sometimes I’m motivated to do it, and sometimes I’ll stop at Burger King for a veggie burger on the way home from work three nights in a row.

Currently, I’m in the phase where I’m taking the time and thought to prepare myself healthy meals.  This particular phase, however, feels different than previous ones.  Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of pleasure in the time I spend in the kitchen.  I see this as an excellent development that may help extend my good food phases, and even potentially eliminate my bad ones.

I’ve been creating a mental list of factors that have made me enjoy cooking more lately.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

– decent equipment

– a clean kitchen

– a well stocked recipe file

– seeking out inspiration for recipes and cooking techniques
– reflecting on, improving, and sharing my cooking experiences
It’s Saturday afternoon that I’m posting it, and I have some errands to run for Father’s Day and the coming week, so I don’t have time to elaborate on these factors, but I’m sure I will in the future.

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