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Posted in Uncategorized by mylifesamess on 06/05/2011

I haven’t been listening to my podcasts lately as much as I usually do.  I do a ton of data entry for my job, and podcasts often save my sanity.  Anyway, the only podcast I’ve been listening to with any regularity the last couple months is Sklarbro Country.  One of the Sklar brothers mentioned the other day that his small daughters loved listening to female rock musicians, which got me thinking about my own niece, who’s eight years old.  She’s into Hannah Montana, but do not even mention Justin Bieber around her.  She’s also into playing acoustic guitar.  I felt a calling to help introduce my niece to a more diverse world of music, and making her a CD featuring a bunch of female musicians might help her make an extra connection with the music.  So, after an evening of deliberation, I came up with this mix :

1. The Pipettes “Pull Shapes”

2. M.I.A. “Jimmy”

3. Norah Jones “Sunrise”

4. Lauryn Hill “Everything is Everything”

5. Imogen Heap “Just for Now”

6. Neko Case “This Tornado Loves You”

7. Cat Power “Half of You”

8. Priscilla Ahn “Dream”

9. Brandi Carlile “The Story”

10. Brandi Carlile “Hallelujah”

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